Chinese receiver news: Kchibo KK-S7600L

Dual conversion receiver with sync detection andseparate SSB/USB
LW, MW, SW and FM bands
500 memory cells for SW, 500 for LW, 500 for MW and 500 for LW. Cells organized in 50 pages with 10 in each pagу (I have no idea how to utilize 500 memories in LW or FM bands)
Electronic volume control with 64 levels
Wide/narrow filters
PLL with 1 kHz minimal tuning step
Clock, 2 timers, calendar and sleep timer
Key lock
External antenna connector
RF gain control (?)
Audio line input
77mm 8Ohm 3W speaker
LCD and keyboard backlight with 10-sec off-timer
External power supply (included) 9V 1A

Two interesting features:
it has IR remote control with 4m range

And it uses two 18650 Li-Ion rechargeable cells as standalone power source