Possible two new top Sangeans: ATS-909X and ATD-909XR

Originally found in Herculodge blog.
Images found in album of  Flickr user Jelyce

ATS-909X not a foto, just a drawing

ATS-909XR is in real photo, taken on the  LV CES 2009:

Possible two new top Sangeans: ATS-909X and ATD-909XR: 3 комментария

  1. Прелесть какая… Жаль, что слушать на SW больше нЕчего. Ну разве только новую передачу “Свободы”, направленную на оккупированные чекистами грузинские Абхазию и Южную Осетию…

  2. Служебные работают – авиация, моряки, военные – мне это поинтереснее Свободы.
    Вот, очередная охота на радио Святой Елены на подходе, опять же.

  3. I`ve got an ATS909x in use and i´m happy with it. Sangean has done a good job. The used materials are in a high quality and the receiver functions are fine. SSB ransmissions come clear in sound, and i could hear a lot of cw signals in Germany. It´s connectable with a pc and decodersoftware works good. Strong signals are also receivable, the gain tuning works acceptable. The display is bright lighted and clear.The tuning wheel works fine and exactly. Only the price – it costs 160 Euros – is higher than the price of other radios. But i think, it´s a good machine to hear transmissions from all over the world. I hope, i will have a lot of fun in the next years with the Sangean ATS- 909x. So, when you need a receiver for shortwaves that´s mobile, try the new Sangean.

    73, hear you…

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